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an aerial view of UCI and the OC coast

I have had several opportunities to teach in various capacities at UCI.

Beginning in 2017, I co-developed and co-taught a 4-day

"Statistics Boot Camp" for incoming PhD students in the School of Social Ecology (Criminology, Law & Society; Urban Planning and Public Policy; Psychological Sciences). The goal of the boot camp is to provide a friendly, low-stakes introduction to both statistical concepts and Stata coding to students before they begin their required stats sequence. The program continues to be offered annually to incoming cohorts and has been a success - helping students to build lasting connections both within and across departments, and to ease the anxiety of learning statistics at the graduate level. Relatedly, I developed and taught the Stata lab for our graduate intro statistics course, and have served as the instructor for the Stata lab for our graduate regression course.


In the Spring quarter of 2021, I taught C167 - Crime Measurement at the undergraduate level. This course focuses on three main sources of crime data - official statistics, victimization surveys, and self-report methods, as well as special topics on the measurement of hate crime, police use of lethal force, and white collar crime. The course draws on official reports and peer-reviewed journal articles to provide students with a critical understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of these sources of data, how differences in the definition of crime and approaches to its measurement impact our understanding of its prevalence, and how such data are used in the latest empirical research.

More recently, I was a Pedagogical Fellow at the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation at UCI where I created an undergraduate course on Neighborhoods and Crime.

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